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Congregation Mishkan David
 Apostolic Judaism 

At the time of Messiah Yeshua, there were dozens of types of Judaisms, various ways to interpret, walk out, and live the Torah. From the 1st Century, there emerged a kind of Judaism that  expressed the belief and reality that the Messiah had come and that He was God in the flesh, Emmanuel.  

This belief and practice was rooted in the Jewish prayers, practices, and perspectives into which Messiah had been born.   Maran Yeshua  empowered certain of His talmidim, students, with His authority to take His message and to guide the fledgling Messianic Community there in Jerusalem. Matthew 10:1,7-8, John 20:21-24, Acts 2:42

After the Resurrection and Ascension of Yeshua, the closest disciples called Shaliachim, which means emissaries or Apostles, reoriented their Judaism to reflect the Birth, Life, Teaching, and Resurrection of Messiah.  

The Apostolic Judaism, or the Practices of the Apostles, began with holy Twelve and then began to spread out over all the world. Thomas, went to India. Peter, went to Antioch and later Rome and so on. The most prolific, Paul, traveled around the Mediterranean planting communities and nurturing the fledgling ones that were growing.

The Apostles empowered the paqidim, overseers or bishops, 1 Timothy 3:1-7, in the cities with the authority that they had received from Messiah Yeshua to teach and guide the increasing local communities around the world.

These communities kept the Sabbath, Biblical Feasts, daily prayers and many practices of the Jewish people. It is from this background that we practice the Faith and Practices of Messiah as given through His Apostles and their disciples.


Grace and peace be upon you!