Hag Purim

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Purim (Lots) is a celebration of the deliverance of the Persian Jews over one of the most evil schemes in history to exterminate the Jewish people. The Book of Esther, referred to as a monument in the history of anti Semitism, tells the story of how the beautiful Jewish woman Esther (Hadassah) and her cousin Mordechai prevent the evil Haman from his plan to massacre the Jewish people.

Purim today is celebrated with feasts, sending gifts of food to the needy and with reading The Book of Esther. The earliest depiction of Purim, from the Second Temple offer no suggestion of the partying that is associated with the festival today. The customs of donning masks, drinking and costumes originated in the late fifteenth century Italy.

This holiday is a special one for children, as the story of Esther is told, groggers (noisemakers) are used to depict joy or booing.

Hamantashen, a jammed filled cookie resembling Haman’s hat is served along with other sweet delights.

Feast Date: 14 Adar

*Maran means “Great Lord” in Aramaic

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