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Shalom and greetings!

We have been asked by several people how they can become a part of Congregation Mishkan David as they do not live in the Metro Atlanta area. Over the years, several members have moved away from the area, but have remained active in the sharing in our common life together as Mishpocha, spiritual family. We have people in several states and one even in Ireland in the U.K!

Others are in the Metro Area, but because of health reasons, cannot come weekly to Shabbat services. We try to reach out and keep them connected with phone calls, texts, emails, and home visits.

Having a connection to a vibrant and loving community is crucial to our growth and continuing development as Believers. We are dedicated to growing in the likeness of Messiah and we recognize that this life is a journey towards God in spirit and truth. Will you join us?


To be a part of Mishkan David:

  1. Watch our Live Steam on Shabbat at 11:00 am or watch the archived sermons on our YouTube channel is the simplest way to become active. Or listen to our audio sermons.
  2. Additionally, If you would like to be a remote member:
    A. Contribute monthly to Mishkan David via postal mail or by PayPal.
    B. Remote Members are offered resources such as weekly Torah and Scripture readings, access to participation in sharing congregational praise and prayer,    daily spiritual readings, and complimentary Mishkan publications.
    C. Remote Members also have counseling and/or spiritual guidance sessions available.
    D. Share with us your praise reports and prayer requests and we will include them in our weekly communications. You will also be able to rejoice with and intercede for other members!
    E. A place to come for Passover and the other Spring and Fall Holy Days. Come meet us and connect!
  3. We are open to existing small groups or fellowships joining us in the journey for connection and spiritual accountability.
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If you would like more information about becoming a remote member of Congregation Mishkan David, please reach out to Rabbi Aaron